These are the questions that our customers generally ask us - if the answer your looking for is not there then please contact us.

Can guests touch the reindeer?

Our reindeers can be touched, this will be under the strict supervision of their handler and instructions will be provided.

Do you charge for fuel?

Mileage is charged at £1.00 per mile from our base location to your venue and then back again - E.G. If you are 50 miles away then the fuel cost would be £100.

Do you have insurance?

Of course and this is available on request.

How Do I Book?

Once you have confirmed availability with us then you can complete the booking form on this website, alternatively you can call us and we can complete one over the phone with you.

Will the Reindeer make a mess?

There will be mess but rest assured that we always clean up after ourselves - please get in touch if you want more information.

How can payments be made?

Payments can be made in Cash, Bank transfer or via PayPal - we do not accept personal cheques.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Contact us first to see if we can move your date, if this is not an option then you will forfeit the deposit you have paid.

What happens if you cancel?

We have never had to cancel an event, however if this was ever the case then we would offer an alternative date or a full refund of any monies paid.

What happens if I need to complain?

We work very hard to ensure that your event will run as smoothly as possible, however if you are not happy then please call us and speak to James or Craig we will endeavour to address any issues that you may have.

Do you issue invoices?


Do you have a risk assessment?

Yes and this is available on request.

If there is a question that is not listed then please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.